Montpellier MCC Brut Pinot Noir 2017 - Montpellier

Montpellier MCC Brut Pinot Noir 2017

Colour pick-up from the red grape, Pinot Noir, is minimised by maturing control at harvest and minimum skin contact during processing before the base wine is bottled to undergo second fermentation.

This bright, fresh, and intense Brut Pinot Noir tickles the nose with aromas of fresh berries, black cherries, and a hint of mushroom with a fine bead. It is a full flavoured sparkling wine which builds as the wine sits on the palate, delivering on the promise of the aroma, arousing slightly toasted flavours, surrounding a core of crushed strawberry and forest fruits.

Delicious with rich creamy soups and dishes that have an inherent ‘toasty’ character, such as puff-pastry dishes. It is also associated with luxury foods such as Foie Gras, caviar, black & white truffles, oysters, and the finest smoked salmon.