Danie de Bruyn – Winemaker, Montpellier 

Danie grew up in the Durbanville wine region , where he discovered his love and passion for the art that is wine. He decided to pursue his studies at the University of Stellenbosch In BSc Oenology and Viticulture, and graduated in 2008. He then went abroad  for harvests in Australia and the Napa Valley in 2009.

Danie returned to his roots in South Africa in 2011 and was appointed as assistant  winemaker in Franschhoek, he then went abroad again to work as assistant winemaker at Peregrine Wines in New Zealand in 2013 – 2017. When he returned to South Africa in 2018 again, he worked as head winemaker at Dunstone wines in Wellington.

Danie joined the Montpellier team for the 2020 harvest and we are incredibly excited to see what the new vintage has instore for us. He has a passion for making beautifully complex red wines, he doesn’t want to pick a favourite, but if he must it would be Shiraz and Pinot Noir because of their complexity and development potential. When he is not busy in the vineyards or the cellar he spends his free time channelling his inner chef by cooking or by going on outdoor adventures. Some of his hobbies include surfing, golf and snorkelling.




Theo Brink dedicated 7 years of his career to Montpellier until August 2014.  During this time he helped shaping the vineyards and wines to the award winning quality.

Theo joined Montpellier after working for Distillers (known today as Distell) for 28 year, alongside the famous Hungarian nobleman Desiderius Pongrácz. Theo believed that the only way to produce quality wine is to consistently manicure every single vine to ensure simultaneous optimum ripening of every berry, although he attributed much of Montpellier’s exceptional quality to the variety of soil types at Montpellier.

His dedication throughout the years has been invaluable to everyone involved at Montpellier today and his legacy still lives on in the vines and wines of Montpellier.