Reinhard Odendaal

Reinhard Odendaal fell in love with wine , especially red wine from a young age when his father would pour him a small glass at Sunday lunches . Whilst on holiday , just after writing his final high school exams , in the Western Cape he managed to volunteer and work on a wine farm in Wellington. After working on the farm he quickly realized that vineyards and wine was his passion and calling in life He went on to study at the University of Stellenbosch and finished his BSc Agric in Viticulture and Oenology in 2003.

He started the first few years of his wine making career  under the guidance of Beyers Truter at Beyerskloof. After spending 4 years there he headed to France to complete a harvest at the acclaimed Domaine Comte du Senard in Aloxe Corton , Burgundy. Over the next few years Reinhard would spend time as wine maker and GM at Barton Vineyards and Walker Bay Vineyards whilst also spending a year traveling  in South America.

Being fortunate enough to meet Lucas van Tonder, he saw his passion and vision for Montpellier and is now lucky  to be part of the dynamic team. Reinhard believes that good wine is made in the vineyard and that Mother Nature should show herself in the wines he makes , he uses traditional wine making techniques with minimum intervention and spends a lot of time in the vineyard with his beloved dog Blue. We welcome Reinhard to the Montpellier family!





Theo Brink dedicated 7 years of his career to Montpellier until August 2014.  During this time he helped shaping the vineyards and wines to the award winning quality.

Theo joined Montpellier after working for Distillers (known today as Distell) for 28 year, alongside the famous Hungarian nobleman Desiderius Pongrácz. Theo believed that the only way to produce quality wine is to consistently manicure every single vine to ensure simultaneous optimum ripening of every berry, although he attributed much of Montpellier’s exceptional quality to the variety of soil types at Montpellier.

His dedication throughout the years has been invaluable to everyone involved at Montpellier today and his legacy still lives on in the vines and wines of Montpellier.